Eco Gravity water filter, off grid system

Water filter run by gravity. Perfect for off grid areas or for your preparedness storage. Filters up to 40 liters of safe drinking water per 24 hours. Easy to set up, use and maintain.

NOK2 490,00 inkl. mva.


Eco Gravity water filter, off grid system

A unique purification system, which can be used in any coherence, in any part of the world. No need for electricity or water pressure! Use any fresh water source like lake or river. 
This system is perfect for staff camp, refugee camp or emergency container. Eco Gravity is a purification unit run solely by gravity. By simply filling water into the top compartment, it is then filtered through ceramic candles and filling up the lower compartment with clean, uncontaminated drinking water. The lower compartment has a small tap, open it, and you can enjoy clean drinking water. The system can deliver 20 liters of drinking water per 24 hours!

This system is extremely easy to set up and highly user friendly. Weighing only 1.5kg, it is easy to move. Simple maintenance. The unit is in stainless steel.

The purifications system removes:

  • Bad smell
  • Bad taste
  • Bothersome color
  • Dangerous chemicals
  • 99,99% of pathogenic bacteria (E.Coli, salmonella, legionella, cholera, shigella, typhoid)
  • 99,999 % of parasites (cryptosporidium, giardia)
  • Some heavy metals like lead and iron
  • 95 % chlorine
  • 98 % turbidity
  • Particles
  • Humus


  • Up to 20 litres of uncontaminated, clean water per 24 hours with two ceramic candles.
  • It is advisable to change the candles after 6-12 months of daily use or after about 2000 liters. The unit does not work below freezing point. 
  • Diameter: 26,5 cm
  • Height: 50 cm

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