Eco Rescue + water purification system POU

One of the smallest and most portable POU systems on the market. Efficient pumping station- up to 1200 liters per hour. Reasonable size, weight and price. Provides clean, safe and uncontaminated drinking water from any freshwater source.

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Eco Rescue +

One of the smallest and most portable POU systems on the market. The complete purification system fits into just one standard carrying case! This is a drinking water purification system developed in collaboration with advisors from humanitarian organizations and the Norwegian University NMBU.

With Eco Rescue+ you get an astonishingly efficient pumping station, with a reasonable size, weight and price. Due to an elevated level of performance, this unit delivers up to 1200 liters per hour!

Eco Rescue+ provides clean, safe and uncontaminated drinking water. The unit is compact, suitable for any area and any water quality. The system is ideal for use in any situation where there is an immediate need for high quality drinking water.

The system can also be customized to be delivered with a filter configuration, removing 100% of viruses (8 Log) – a truly unique feature compared to other portable purification units available.

The Eco Rescue+ system includes:
Inlet hose with prefilter, four Eco Rescue filters, detachable tap, outlet hose with tap and a pump needing 230V.

The unit can also be delivered with:

  • Low energy pump driven by a 6m2 solar cell panel. No batteries needed. The pump can pump water from drill holes/wells down to 230m.
  • Pumping station
  • Pillow tank(s)


  • Up to 25 liters per minute.
  • About 125 m3 before replacement of filter cartridges. Purified water will be safe to drink as long as the system delivers water through its filters. A change in taste, color and odour may appear at an earlier stage, depending on the quality of the water source (still safe to drink).
  • Measurement, frame: H: 44 cm, W: 75 cm, D: 46 cm
  • Measurement with case: H: 63 cm, W: 77 cm, D: 60 cm
  • Weight: From 36kg

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