Eco Rescue Flex water purification unit- off grid system

Small. Light. Customizable. Affordable. Provides clean and safe drinking water in the field, from any fresh water source. For field camps, field hospitals, mobile kitchens, vehicles etc. Different filter and power configurations. Fits in one box. Offgrid.

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Eco Rescue Flex

Small. Light. Customizable. A unique portable water purification system developed in collaboration with advisors from the military, humanitarian organizations and Norwegian universities.
Eco Rescue Flex provides clean and safe drinking water in the field, from any fresh water source. Ideal for use in field camps, field hospitals, mobile kitchens etc. The unit’s compact design makes it suitable as standard equipment in all kinds of vehicles.

Eco Rescue Flex can be delivered with different filter configurations. All configurations remove/control the levels of pathogenic bacteria, parasites, cysts, dangerous metals and chemicals.

The system can also be delivered with a filter configuration that also removes 100% of viruses (8 Log) – a truly unique feature compared to other portable purification units available. This makes the unit suitable for situations that require “ultra clean” water (i.e. medical use/hospitals).

Eco Rescue Flex is designed to be customizable for individual needs. No need to carry a power adaptor if there’s no electrical power available! In most situations our standard filter configuration is sufficient – but should you need it, the unit can protect you from viruses as well.

With Eco Rescue Flex you get reasonable size and reasonable weight – at a reasonable price!
The Eco Rescue Flex purification system includes: Inlet hose with prefilter, 4 Eco Rescue filters (configuration depending), detachable tap, outlet hose with tap. Versatile accessories / power options available (12V, 24V (NATO socket), 230V, manual handle).


  • 3-6 liters per minute
  • Up to 10 000 liters before replacement of filter cartridges. *) Capacity depends on filter configuration and water quality. Purified water will be safe to drink as long as the system delivers water through its filters. Change in taste, colour and odour may appear at an earlier stage, depending on input water quality (still safe to drink).
  • Measurement, frame: H: 37cm, W: 44 cm, D: 30 cm
  • Measurement with case: H: 40cm, W: 60 cm, D: 40 cm
  • Weight: From 15kg

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