Eco Friendly+ water filter

Point of use water filter. Produce safe drinking water from water sources with very poor quality. Runs on water pressure only. 2-4 liters per minute. Suitable for private houses, cabins, boats etc.

NOK5 490,00 inkl. mva.


Eco Friendly + water purification system

A water purification filter system developed to produce drinking water from water sources with very poor quality!
EcoFriendly+ is an extended version of the EcoFriendly purification system. The EcoFriendly+ has an extra pre-filter that removes larger particles like sand, rust, humus etc., preventing rapid clogging up of the other filters (if the quality of the water source is very poor).

All components are produced by well known international manufacturers and thus the purifification statistics are very well documented. Electricity is not required; the system runs on water pressure only. The unit is suitable for private houses, cabins, boats etc. It is also preferable to use in connection with water coolers and hot drink dispensers.

The purifications system removes:

  • Bad smell
  • Bad taste
  • Bothersome color
  • Dangerous chemicals
  • 99,99% of pathogenic bacteria (E.Coli, salmonella, legionella, cholera, shigella, typhoid)
  • 99,999 % of parasites ((cryptosporidium, giardia)
  • Some heavy metals like lead and iron
  • 97 % chlorine
  • 99,7 % turbidity
  • Particles
  • Humus


  • 2-4 liters per minute (water pressure dependent)
  • Filter change after approx. 2 500 liters or after 6-12 months of daily use. Easy to install (i.e. in the cabinet under the kitchen sink). NB! water block is recommended. The unit does not tolerate frost.
  • Width: 35.5 cm
  • Depth: 14 cm
  • Height: 32 cm